I came to art therapy with a background in psychotherapy and a basic understanding that art making and imagery provided access to psychological material not available to the conscious mind. My artist identity and overall artistic skills were non-existent in the beginning, and to my surprise began to develop with persistent engagement. I have learned that talent is not as necessary for authentic self- expression as I thought, and that persistence and dedication to the craft goes a long way. I used to enjoy the process and have always been intrigued by the revelations, but had not expected art to become an integral part of my existence. My art making started as an intellectual curiosity and has since turned into a sacred practice to connect not only with the personal or collective unconscious, but the transpersonal realm (Divine) as well.

I recently completed the Art of Allowing facilitator training with Flora Aube and have aligned my approach to art making with my psychotherapy practice, based on a solid foundation of teachings and technique, all the while working from an intuitive, allowing, flexible, and client based approach. Below you can see examples of my art over the years, and some of what you can experience when working with me.



The “Meditation” Series

Created as part of an exploration of the expansion of perception that I have experienced while practicing mindfulness meditation. The first one has to do with having a limited vision on an issue which often is accompanied by negative emotions. The second one represents the raising awareness of a wiser inner self and the ability to witness oneself. The final image is about the resolution of the dilemma that is related to choicefullness and the resulting flowering of positive feelings.



“Skyline” was a simple expression of my longing for home.





This is a personal altar I created over a period of three months while an intern at The Denver Hospice. It holds the investigation of my personal life transitions.




Another practice art therapists engage in as part of their profession is called “response art” making, which serves us therapists in that it gets us to make art on an ongoing basis, and our clients, in that we get to offer visual responses to what they share with us, what it was we heard and understood, and how we were impacted by them. This mask which was auctioned at the 2008 Denver Hospice Mask Project was a response piece I made to a grieving client with child and life partner loss.



These images came out of a workshop titled "equine alchemy". Women were asked to choose and connect with one of the horses in the pasture ending up being fascinated by how the issues we were working on were mirrored in the horses stories. Animals are a therapeutic gift of the Universe and can teach us much about ourselves in addition to offering unconditional acceptance and love.



Playing with sticks in search of the answers



Examples of my mosaic art



Examples of my paintings from The Art of Allowing Academy courses



Examples of commissioned guardian angels


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